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Your Business Matters

your business matters

The brief
Barbara Hodgson came to me with an idea. She wanted to launch a networking business with a difference – one that gave practical help to businesses and was profitable for the attendees. With the plethora of networking businesses around, this new venture had to stand out in every way. She needed help developing the concept, the brand, the strategy and the marketing plan. My dream brief!

The solution
Starting with research into the target audience and the competitive set, I created a brand proposition that would offer a service that the market wanted and one that matched Barbara’s skills.

Every aspect of the business was covered in the marketing proposal – price point, offering, content, logo, strap line, brand copy, overall marketing strategy and detailed marketing campaigns.

Your Business Matters was launched, offering structured networking meetings, training sessions delivered by industry experts, knowledge sessions led by entrepreneurs and business leaders and support for business owners.

The Results
It’s been so successful that the business is now expanding into new regions.

Areas of Expertise

Marketing extends across all areas of a business’ activity and I have experience across multiple channels and disciplines:

New product launches
Identifying where, when, how and to whom to launch a new brand or business. Ensuring all channels are utilised to greatest effect and the customer reaction is “wow”.
From minor tweaks to major overhauls, I have experience of changing the direction of a brand and steering it into a new customer arena.
Events are a significant drain on resource and budget but can be a prime route to market, so it’s important to make your attendance effective. From the pre-event marketing, to the show itself and then the post-show follow up, I work with you to achieve an effective ROI.
New customers are the lifeblood of any business, so knowing where to find them and how to target them is crucial. I have extensive experience of devising multi-channel campaigns to talk to new audiences, reviewing current activity to improve response rates and measuring activity to understand where the acquisition budget should be spent.
Once you’ve won new customers, you need to work to retain them. They bring repeat business and will be advocates of your brand, spreading the word and generating further interest. Retention marketing is often overlooked but always worthwhile and merits a standalone strategy.
Loyalty Schemes
A key part of a retention strategy, loyalty schemes work to retain customers and set you apart from your competitors. They don’t have to be complicated schemes, but they must be appealing to the consumer. Partnerships, offers and motivators are the key to success.
Partnership Marketing
Sharing your customers with another business can generate significant returns - when done with appropriate partners and in the right way. I have the contacts and the ability to broker partnerships, negotiate the deal and deliver an effective partnership strategy.
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Whether you’ve got a general marketing enquiry, a specific campaign need or a seemingly impossible challenge, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me - no obligation.
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