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"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got."
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Getting started can be overwhelming – to the point of paralysis. Where to start? What to do? How to decide between the various options? And so often the result of the indecision is total inaction.

Which doesn’t matter too much if the task in question is tidying the garage, sorting out the household paperwork or switching utility companies. But it’s a different matter if the inaction relates to your business.

While you are failing to start, your competitors may be warmed up and on the start line – or even overtaking you. Your customers may be tired of waiting for you and taking their custom elsewhere. And winning them back can be hard work.

I talk to a lot of businesses who are paralysed about their marketing decisions. Unsure about what to do, what to say, who to target, which channels to use and how to use them, they do nothing. Or at least they do nothing new. So they never move their business forward, they never reach new customers and they never innovate.

Sometimes you only need a gentle nudge to get started. So if the thought of your competitors taking your customers way isn’t incentive enough, I’m going to nudge you.

Ask yourself these questions:
Where am I trying to take my business?
Is my current marketing helping me to reach that goal?
Have I tried any new marketing recently?
Do I know if my current marketing is working?

Identify one piece of marketing activity that will help you reach your goal. And plan to test it in the next month. Don’t make it too complicated or onerous. But make sure you do it

Because doing nothing could cost you.

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  • November 11th, 2015
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